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Monday, May 29, 2006


I don't have any enemies. At least to my knowledge. Perhaps around exam time, time itself may well become the closest thing I have to an adversary.

But, thinking about it I do have a vendetta. Not against someone, but something. The astute should have realized by now by the title of this piece that I am talking about, of course, sleep. It's not that I depise sleeping - I actually enjoy it - to a point. The problem is, I am one of "those people" whom have difficulty getting to sleep, and difficulty waking up again. Left to my own devices I could quite easily sleep for 10-12 hours, and I think that even 12-16 would not be without question. It is this fact which I possess a "vendetta" against, and this means that I must fight a battle.

My weapons are many, from caffeine (mostly from soft-drinks as I only rarely drink coffee) and the ultimate - the alarm clock. Unfortunately for me, however, the alarm clock is a double edged sword. It fights off the beast that is "sleep" quite well - waking me up rather promptly - but, when I awake I suffer from a form of what I simply call - jetlag. Except, there was no jet, and unfortunately not even any flying. The point is I wake up angry - in a foul mood. This lasts about 30 minutes or so, perhaps longer - especially if I wake up around 5-7am, it seems that no matter how much sleep I get, unless I wake up later than 7 I will be very, very cranky.

Why am I articulating this aspect of my life right now - I'm not really sure but I am looking for some kind of solution. --- And on a related note does anyone else think ill of the western worlds addiction to coffee? Maybe thats my problem - I'm not enough of an addict...



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