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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Passing Time

We live.

This is our function, our purpose is it not? Is it not true that if you believe in an after life, then life itself here in earthrealm is nothing more than sitting out the front of a doctors' waiting for an appointment. My issue is - are we not just passing time - everything we do, used to be merely to preserve ourselves, that is - to survive. But why? We live today so that we can live tomorrow. These days we have covered up our basic survivalist nature and seek out entertainment, whereever we can get it. - But, as always the bottom line is - we are covering up the fact that we are wasting time.

Not to say for a moment that we should stop going on living - but one wonders what is the point. With no religious framework to work in the doctor is never there, and the wait is a total waste of time - if you say you exist to have children what purpose does that serve - so that they can too waste time? - And what of those who are non religious or at least do not believe in any kind of "after" life and also have no children - there choice or otherwise.

If you are religous then your meaning of life is probably inherent. Hence it probably defines your purpose for "passing time." But how can so many religions be right at the same time, and in the same strain how can they all be wrong...

I've said it before and I shall say it again - There is something wrong with the world.


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