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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Barricades in time

From the Desk of Kreative Tendencies
"Barricades in Time"
Moving forward. Time does this every moment, it never receeds, nor turns around back on itself. Life. Repetition. Chaos. An intrinisic linkage into the unknown. One day I will wake up. I will haul my self out of my bed, and prepare to face the day that lies in front of me. Without even knowing it, I will wake up to the day of my own death.
Simply sitting here, writing this exposition, is an act of ageing. The world around me seems somewhat still, there is an air of peace in the wind that exists in the darkness outside of my window. Despite the movement and bustle of people going about daily activities, there is a stillness in the air.
Is death stillness? There is relative calm everywhere you look, even at ground zero - the chaos that is at the surface is simply a superficial barracade, it can be seen through, and trained eyes can view the serenity that lies within.
This serenity is life. But is it death also?
A point most definetly worth pondering.


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